States of Emergency (2021)

The States of Emergency program, to be developed in 2021, has a double connotation: on the one hand it refers to the state of uncertainties, dangers, urgencies and needs that now arise across the globe, and on the other, it points to something that appears, that what is yet to be discovered and presented. Thus, our interest is directed towards productions that address issues related to identity, environmental, urban, scientific, historical and educational struggles. At the same time, our interest is to show the challenges of innovation, production and articulation of these thematic fields and subjects when in contact with the contemporary artistic languages. We hope to create moments of access and visibility for artistic practices that also have critical-constructive concerns in the face of the broader socio-cultural challenges that permeate the current reality in Brazil and in the Globe.


Vivian & Gustavo (Vivian Caccuri + Gustavo Von Ha)
Rasga Mortalha (Thiago Martins de Melo)
Bestiary (Lais Myrrha)
Critical Pedagogy (Traplev)
Licanthropy (Janaina Wagner)
Plas Ayiti and Battleground (Felipe Prando)
saxa loquuntur (Maura Grimaldi)