Vivian & Gustavo

Vivian Caccuri + Gustavo von Ha
Video – HD / web series in 4 episodes
16: 9, 64 min, color, sound

Vivian & Gustavo explores the sertanejo music (a Brazilian version of the country music), the most popular musical genre in Brazil today. Despite being widely national, sertanejo is propagated as a regional phenomenon in which different facets of the Brazilian reality and identity collide: if on the one hand it presents emotional, romantic and nostalgic characteristics, on the other it is closely linked to the alt-right movement present in several layers of the Brazilian population. In this sense, the musical genre connects (sometimes indirectly) with several outdated political causes (for example, agribusiness and its relationship with the devastation of local forests), becoming a power strategy that alienates certain instruments of socioeconomic violence in order to calm the ears and hearts of the general public. The film is a mixture of found footage, collage and films produced by the artists during the sanitary blockade in Brazil in which actors / participants play characters that play with facets of the Brazilian identity. The piece is a hyperbolic musical dive into country music, tempered by the policies that permeate them. Co-commissioned by Yerevan Biennial Art Foundation for Yerevan Biennial 2020/2021 and DYSTOPIE sound art festival Berlin

Is Sertanejo a Nightmare?
By Davi Moraes and Rodrigo Almeida (Saquinho de Lixo Collective) – english text soon
PDF file (portughese)

Vivian Caccuri is a Brazilian visual artist, musicologist and music producer. Vivian employs sound as a vehicle for sensory perception experiments related to historical issues and social conditioning. Through objects, installations and performances, her art pieces create situations that disorient everyday experience.

Gustavo von Ha is a Brazilian visual artist. Von Ha develops the concept of verisimilitude in several works and by incorporating a version of himself in each work, he highlights images that are often silenced in the history of Brazilian academic art, a strategy that seeks to question the role of the artist today.

Saquinho de Lixo is a multimedia collective formed in 2018, whose practice blurs the boundaries between technology and art, mixing the acidity and speed of the internet universes with strong irreverence and humor, necessary features to face the current times. The group’s visual productions, texts and memes left the virtual space to integrate exhibitions in museums, festivals and other cultural events.